Hassan Ali


I am a Humanist and believe in Equality of Genders! And equality of all human and have the commitment to contribute to the cause in one way or another till the day I die! I am the president of Pakistan International Human Rights Commission, I am working from last 10 years in different fields especially about Peace, Gender equality, Awareness, Woman rights, Education, Drugs, etc. Hopefully this Seminar and workshop and guideline will be bringing many benefits for our young generation. I feel so good and this is first time that I join and work with the your organization That will be make me energetic and I always want to do something for human. I got an Award from ADA University Executive Education “Caspian Basin Studies” Program from September 7-16 2014 Baku Azerbaijan. And recently I have got award from Brazil and Dubai, At last I feel proud of you people that you are working for Humanity, Unity in Diversity" Youth, education, etc. I hope I will be selected for this conference.


  • 2011

    Finance and Economic

    Kohat University of Sciences and Technology